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Rehabilitation Physiology Lab



NM Fisher (Principal Investigator and/or Project Coordinator). Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Functional Assessment and Evaluation of Rehabilitation Outcomes. National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Education, $2,400,000, 1993-1998.

NM Fisher (Principal Investigator). Follow-up Study of Exercise Induced Increases in Functional Capacity in the Independent Elderly. Anonymous, $150,000, 1994-1997.

DR Pendergast and NM Fisher (Co-Principal Investigator). Quantitative Progressive Exercise Rehabilitation for Frail Elderly. United Church Home, $30,000, 1992-1993.

DR Pendergast and NM Fisher (Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director). Maintenance of Functional Capacity in the Independent Elderly. Anonymous, $255,000, 1990-1993.

Published Abstracts

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